Yoga & Meditation

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Ich biete Yin-Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation und Yoga Nidra an:

  • für Gruppen
  • für Einzelpersonen
  • für Firmen
  • für Kinder (und Eltern)

Schreib mir gerne hier, um Termine und Konditionen zu erfahren.

Momentan bin ich in Karenz von meinen regulären Klassen im OneYoga Wien, organisiere aber einzelne Events, wie Workshops mit ätherischen Ölen und Yoga hier.


I am currently on maternity leave from my weekly public open classes in German (and English if requested) in the beautiful OneYoga Studio in central Vienna. My Yin classes are very calm and introspective while my Vinyasa Flows are invigorating and playful. In both styles I attach great importance to my music playlist with high-quality sound compositions, whenever possible without lyrics. Come and say hi, I would be happy to see you on the mat!


I offer

  • private classes
  • corporate yoga classes
  • kids yoga classes (also possible with parents)

in English or German.

For my conditions please contact me.



My first and most important teacher was and will be the fantastic Sonja Rössler. Her love for Vinyasa Flow and Meditation have shaped my yoga way immensely. I also took my teacher training for Flow Yoga and Ayurveda with her.

I have further drawn lots of information and inspiration from various workshops with Horst Rinnerberger, Dice Ilda Klein and Briohny Smyth, Taylor Harkness, Dylan WernerKino MacGregor, Patrick Beach and Carling Harps, Elena Browerand Laruga Glaser. I haven’t had the honor to practice with some of my biggest inspirations in real life yet (thank god for the internet) but I regularly practice on YogaGlo with Kathryn BudigRod Stryker and Sally Kempton.