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My new favorite:
Karma Supply shirts

There is a new yoga apparel kid on the blog! Are you into stylish, fair and locally made yoga shirts? I got them for you! Karma Supply is a Vienna based company who has now launched their new collection of super soft shirts and cosy longsleeves and sweaters. Each shirt is handprinted with love in very high quality in Vienna and the designs are all yoga inspired! Amongst others you’ll find quotes, asana names, and full moons! What I personally like a lot about the collection is that they go great with all my colourful yoga leggings (with which I often just wear plain black tops.) And guess what, you can WIN your favorite shirt! But first I’ll show you my favorites.

You can’t go wrong  with a Sting quote, especially this one: “Let your soul be your pilot”.

Karma SupplyKarma Supply


Karma Supply


This shirt is great in case you forget your yogi squad names 😉 No but seriously, I hardly ever wear red because of my hair colour. But I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous shirt, it’s probably my favorite. This shade of vine is all the rage now and right so! The combination with the subtle gold print makes a match made in heaven.

Karma Supply

Karma Supply

Karma Supply

Karma Supply knows you also might need a long sleeve for your savasana so they made this incredibly soft sweater with your favorite asanas: warrior,dancer, rockstar! I only stop wearing this one these days when I have to wash it.

Karma Supply Collage

And here’s your chance to WIN one Karma Supply shirt: You can choose ANY tank top from the new collection here and just shoot me an e-mail with your favorite style, size and postal address to! The competition is open EU wide, outside of the EU you can also participate but we’d have to share the postage then. This competition runs until November 6th and the winner will be chosen randomly!* Big thanks go out to Karma Supply who kindly cooperated with me on this post. Good luck everyone 🙂




*No recourse to legal action is permitted.


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